Intro Design

Designing with Capture

Whether you're looking to create a simple 2D sketch or a full-blown 3D plot, Capture has you covered. Try as many fixtures as you need, at different hanging positions and with different gels or gobos. Adapt easily to any set design changes or sudden new restrictions. Do even more with Capture's impressive 3D model import capabilities and excellent integration with other lighting control and design products.

Innovative Design Tools

The powerful control pane combined with fixture groups for easy fixture selection makes conceptualisation a breeze.

The specialised focus plane tool helps you plan an even coverage.

Our filter concept lets your organise your design by layers and DMX universes.

Model Import and Export

When the built-in parametric forms are not enough, you can import 3D models from a wide selection of 3D file formats including glTF, SketchUp, DWG, Cinema 4D.

Capture embraces the Physical-Based Rendering approach to materials, ensuring the highest possible level of realism in lighting interaction.

For a full list of file formats supported for model import and export, see the specifications table at the bottom of this page.

Input Devices

Capture supports a wide range of network protocols and methods of communication with lighting console and other control systems.

With our own CITP protocol extension you can exchange DMX values for focusing, the full patch with fixture positions and much more with lighting consoles.

For the full list of protocols supported, see the specifications table at the bottom of the Visualisation page.


Choose from a wide range of fixtures.

Capture supports conventionals as well as moving lights, but also yokes, scrollers, laser- and video projectors, pixel tubes and much more.

With our industry leading fast library support from AtlaBase, no fixture is missed!

Motion Control

You can use DMX as well dedicated motion control protocols such as PosiStageNet and Blacktrax RTTrP to control objects in Capture.

For the full list of protocols supported, see the specifications section at the bottom of the Visualisation page.

LED Panels

Capture simulates LED panels down to the correct pixel pitch. The library contains all LED panels on the market, both solid and semi transparent ones.

Video & LED-panels
Special Effects

Incorporate particle-based special effects such as flame-, water- and CO2 jets in your designs.

They can all be controlled using DMX in several different modes combining output and movement in different ways.

Specifications related to Design

Model file import formats
  • glTF
  • MVR
  • Cinema 4D
  • SketchUp
  • OBJ
  • 3DS
Model file export formats
  • glTF
  • MVR
Data file import formats
  • CSV
  • CSV, ETC EOS flavour
Data file export formats
  • CSV
  • XML for Hog
  • XML for grandMA 2
USB devices
  • 3Dconnexion Space Mouse