Capture Online Training

For anyone who wishes to receive a training on Capture we offer an online training via Webex in English. You will be sent a url link via email which you can use to access the private meeting through any browser and watch the livestream of the trainer's desktop. All you need is access to the Internet, a computer screen, speakers and a microphone. You don’t need to have purchased Capture or have it installed in order to receive a training. Training sessions are available for purchase through our webshop or resellers and the cost is 90 euros per hour.

Capture Training, Basics - 1 hour

  • It is mainly intended for new or inexperienced users who need to go through the basic functionality in Capture.
  • Areas covered will be a software overview, navigator concepts, lighting and design basics.
  • You only need to order one hour of training. And yes we are confident that we can get you up to grips with Capture in just one hour.

Other training sessions are also offered for more experienced users who would like to go into more advanced topics. For example lighting and design advanced, paperwork, import/export, dmx connectivity, media servers, lasers, motion control etc. These trainings can be tailored to your needs so please email your enquiries at