Capture Argo revision history

The first release of Capture Argo was version 20.0.13, the 14th of October 2014.

Version 21.1.32, released the 1st March 2016
Light Output
Some fixtures with multiple colour mixing modes and colour presets failed to produce any light output.
Version 21.1.30, released the 15th February 2016
Intel HD 2000/3000
Beams did not render correctly on some Intel HD 2000/3000 video cards.
Movie Rendering
Capture could freeze when aborting movie rendering.
Broken Objects
Under rare circumstances, object position and rotation could break completely when inserting or moving objects.
Version 21.1.28, released the 29th January 2016
Missing Files
The Windows installation did not install the library and reference manual documents correctly.
Version 21.1.27, released the 29th January 2016
Russian translation included.
Beam Rendering
Beam rendering of fixtures with multiple apertures not arranged in a perfect circle could break.
Library Updates
Library updates could fail if other software was indexing the contents of Capture's library folder during the update.
Version 21.1.25, released the 21st December 2015
Laptop Graphics
Capture now provides laptops with dual video cards (Intel+NVidia or Intel+AMD) with a hint to use the discrete (non-Intel) video card for Capture.
Video Crashes
Streaming high resolution video from media servers could cause a silent crash if broken JPG frames were received.
Beam Rendering
Fixtures with very small lighting apertures could fail to render beams.
Beam Rendering
Fixtures with lighting apertures arranged in near-round arrangements could render odd looking beams.
Version 21.1.23, released the 23rd November 2015
Fixture Focusing
Intense fixture focusing could trigger OpenGL driver memory leaks on Mac OS X.
Water Jets
The performance of water jet visualization was unnecessarily slow due to a mistake.
Version 21.1.20, released the 6th November 2015
Laser Streams
New CITP CAEX version C support allows any product to stream laser content to Capture.
Water Jets
The maximum water jet tilt range has been expanded from 180 to 720 degrees.
Video Players
Several higher video players resolutions have been added.
Missing Beams
Beams did not render in Top, Front and Section views in Live mode.
Broken Selection
Selection could stop working in large project files.
Laser Content
Laser content along the extreme edges was lost a few metres away from laser projectors.
Small Apertures
Fixtures with extremely small or thin apertures did not render any light output.
Version 21.1.15, released the 16th October 2015
EntTec DMX USB Pro Mk2 support has been added.
CITP/MSEX media server entries in the Video tab now also show their peer name.
Performance of continuous fixture focusing has been improved.
Beam Artefacts
Wide washlight beams could case large rendering artefacts in live mode.
Plot Symbol Key
Refreshing a plot symbol key with multiple entries for the same symbol caused custom settings to spread to the symbol's other entries.
Version 21.1.10, released the 1st September 2015
Focus Sheets
Starting the focus sheet export function could under certain circumstances result in Capture hanging indefinately.
Intel HD
On Windows, the Intel HD 2000/3000 series OpenGL drivers are flawed and Capture could not open the design views. Beam rendering still does not work correctly, but now Capture at least starts.
Intel HD
On Mac OS X, the Intel HD 4000 OpenGL drivers are flawed and caused Capture to render plot insets with spill.
Version 21.1.7, released the 7th August 2015
Video Playback
On Windows, playing back video files with international characters in the filename, could lead to a crash.
Focus Sheets
Focus sheets were exported blank.
Texture Bleedthrough
Non-textured materials could be rendered with another material's texture.
CSV Pan/Tilt
Pan and tilt information in exported CSV data was incorrect.
Version 21.1.5, released the 1st July 2015
Beam Tearing
On Mac OS X with Intel HD 4000 & 5000 video cards, beams appeared generally broken due to an OpenGL driver bug.
Live Blackouts
On Mac OS X with Intel video cards, any live view could black out completely after having been hit by very strong beams, due to an Open GL driver bug.
Version 21.1.4, released the 29th June 2015
Beam Ends
Narrow beams could stop at a short distance from the floor, depending on their location on screen.
Beams Tearing
Beams could tear and/or partially disappear in front, top and section views.
Black Boxes
Black boxes could appear in front of the aperture of very bright fixtures.
Version 21.1.3, released the 25th June 2015
Beam Rendering
Beam rendering has been reworked and improved for performance and quality. Additional beam atmospheric detail rendering settings levels have been added.
Library Search
Library search result accuracy has been improved and search results are presented in order of relevance rather than alphabetic order.
Show Synchronization
Improvements to CAEX Show Synchronization and console patch information exchange have been made. Unidentified console fixture types are now identified in the console patch dialog prior to drag and dropping them into the project (as opposed to having to drag and drop onto existing fixtures). AtlaBase identifiers can now reliably be used to identify fixture types. Multiple fixtures can be dragged and dropped from the console patch into a project. More fixture data is listed in the console patch window and the columns are sortable.
LED Panels
In projects with many LED panels, memory usage has been reduced and performance increased.
Light Output
When changing modes of fixtures with different color mixing modes it could become possible to get light output from a fixture.
Insertion Point
The insertion point dialog button did not always appear after having dragged and drop items into a project.
Project Information
Project information was incorrectly placed when rendering images and videos.
JPEG files with EXIF data are now supported.
Live Thumbnails
Live thumbnails for snapshots and consoles showed fixture selection.
Version 21.0.12, released the 16th May 2015
Student Crashes
Opening project files containing the Generic PAR 64 lighting fixture lead to a crash.
Video Playback
Various update issues could occur when using a video player or media stream with both a video projector and materials on objects.
Project Files
On Windows, when opening project files from the desktop, they might not open with a "File Access Error" if a space was part of the file name or path.
Version 21.0.10, released the 8th May 2015
Colour Temperature
Fixtures with optional virtual LED-based colour temperature correction produced the wrong colour when colour temperature correction was not active.
Large Projects
Project files with many LED panels or materials could start loosing gobos and beams.
Preset Parameters
Fixture parameters with colour mixing presets could get stuck in the wrong colour mixing mode.
Version 21.0.8, released the 7th May 2015
Rendering Quality
An atmospheric resolution rendering setting has been added.
Beam Characteristics
Default beam characteristics have been improved and accurate IES data is now used when available.
Variable Bloom
The bloom rendering effect has been improved, is now variable rather than just on or off and works when rendering images and movies.
Laser Visualization
The rendering quality of laser aerials and projections has been improved.
Prism Types
All currently missing missing prism types have been added.
Continuous Rotation
Continuous rotation support for fixture and water jet pan/tilt as well as the DMX rotator.
Motion Time
Fixture motion time and speed control channels simulation added.
Color Mixing
Several previously missing fixture color mixing modes are now supported.
CITP CAEX Show Synchronization added. Specifications available under the Developer support page.
CITP MSEX 1.2 support and fragmented high resolution video streaming support added.
Multi-body Fixtures
Multi-body fixture support and simulation added.
Object Positioning
The transform tool now supports absolute positioning.
Shadow Imperfections
Shadow precision has been increased.
Student Library
On Mac OS X, the contents of the library browser included empty folders.
Multi-selection Resizing
When resizing a multi-selection, sudden movements caused precision problems and moving a corner across another corner caused errors.
Plot Printing
Selected insets were printed with a red border if selected.
Version 20.1.10, released the 22nd April 2015
CITP Selection
The CITP FSEL fixture selection Deselect message always deselected all fixtures.
Large Objects
Errors when saving project files with large objects inside could pass unnoticed and corrupt project files.
Blind DMX
DMX data didn't jump back to live from blind at loss of blind data unless there was incoming live data.
Version 20.1.9, released the 28th February 2015
CITP Patch
On Mac OS X, Capture could crash immediately when creating a new project if a console sent patch information over CITP.
New Scenes
On Mac OS X, Capture would crash if you added a new scene after all scenes had been deleted.
New Items
On Mac OS X, when adding items in the Design tab, the step to give them a new name was skipped.
Student Objects
In the Student Edition, a large number of the library objects (such as musical instruments) were missing.
Version 20.1.8, released the 31st January 2015
Symbol Key
Editing the plot symbol key configuration to lead to crashes afterwards when selecting plot insets.
Mac Gatekeeper
Due to a problem with the digital signature on Mac OS X, the "Gatekeeper" would block Capture by default on some Mac OS X versions.
OpenGL 1.1
Capture would crash on machines where only OpenGL 1.1 was present, such as some vanilla Windows 8 systems.
Drag & Drop
On Mac OS X, drag items over a view in Live mode which could not be dropped in it rendered the view inoperable.
Text Edit
On Windows, text input fields would not scroll beyond their width, creating problems when entering long text in narrow fields.
Plot Fixtures
Fixture front mounts such as scrollers location and annotations where incorrect in paper mode when not using plot symbols.
Plot Editor
The plot editor could become mirrored when zooming quickly with a scroll wheel.
Version 20.1.7, released the 10th January 2015
Design Tab
Clicking outside the editing area while editing a property could lead to a crash.
Motion Fixtures
Loading a project with self-referencing motionfixtures and updating them caused Capture to lock up.
Save Image
When saving an image from a view, the file dialog would immediately reappear.
Model Import
Importing an object from another Capture project brought along all gobos and materials and not just the ones used by the objects imported.
Model Import
With the 'Locked layers unselectable' on, locked layers could not be selected during model import.
Snapshot Playback
Playing back a snapshot could under rare circumstances cause lighting fixtures to project the laser test pattern.
Select by Layer
The Select by Layer operation only selected the contents of groups and not groups themselves, leading to unexpected behaviours.
Media Panels
The non-LED background of media panels was too black and reflected almost no light when hit by fixtures.
Transparent PNG
PNG images with transparency did not render correctly in plot image insets.
Group Shadows
Deleting groups with objects that affect light left their shadows trailing.
Art-Net Sorting
External Art-Net universes where sorted subnet first, causing an interleaved listing.
Control Pane
Changing the optics of a fixture did not update the zoom ranges of the control pane.
Missing Gobos
Some rare gobos were neither shown in the library browser nor visualized.
Fixture Replace
Replacing fixtures with gobos and/or filters with other fixtures that do not support such did not cause them to be removed.
Plot Navigation
When holding the shift key in order to panorate a plot view inset in perspective or orthographic mode, the editor incorrectly entered inset multi-selection mode.
Custom Framelists
When customizing a fixture framelist the name of the fixture is now automatically part of project framelist.
Version 20.1.4, released the 28th November 2014
Fixture State
Manual control parameters of conventionals are not applied when a project file is opened.
Version 20.1.3, released the 27th November 2014
CITP Focusing
Supports new CITP SDMX Capa and ChLs messages for 16-bit fixture focusing.
CITP Multicast
New configuration option available to use new CITP multicast address.
Sphere Hull
Sphere Hull library form object now has a new "height rotation offset" property.
Selection Centering
Selected objects now snap to the ZY plane (x = 0) when moving to allow centering selections.
Save Image
A new keyboard shortcut 'I' has been added for saving images.
Plot Clone
Quick copy "arrow" button now available in plot editor for quick copy of insets in and between plots.
Plot Insert
New plot insets are inserted under the cursor.
Power Location
Power location information is now an option in plot styles.
Memory Usage
Storage of multi-cell fixtures is now more compact, reducing memory usage and file sizes.
Sketchup Import
On Windows, support for Sketchup 2015 files.
DWG Import
Support for DWG files up to version 2014.
Memory Usage
Unnecessary object and texture data was saved in projects (which grew files and memory usage).
Network Configuration
The "Automatic" network interface option of protocols was only automatic if manually changed to Automatic from something else (as opposed to when an IP address was no longer available so it showed Automatic for that reason).
Console Link
Console links would not reconnect automatically after disconnect.
Texture Mapping
Texture mapping to extents did not work correctly for imported and scaled objects.
External Universes
External universes coming and going while having a context menu open lead to crashes.
Focusing Fixtures
Manually focusing a tilt or pan only fixture rendered it unusable until the project was reopened.
Edit Material
On Mac OS X, using the 'Edit Material' shortcut in an object could lead to a crash.
Multicell Fixtures
Fixtures with large amounts (> 64) of individual cell controls could show constant unstoppable light output.
LED Panels
LED panels remained visible in Live mode even if in invisible layers.
Art-Net PollReply
The Art-Net ArtPoll reply message always reported when in Automatic mode.
Layer Assignment
Annotations and objects could be assigned to different layers.
Fixture Update
Motion fixtures and water jets weren't updated when opening Capture Polar projects.
Framelist Editor
On Mac OS X, text in the frame list editor was rendered using filter colours.
Dialog Placement
On Mac OS X, the Align and Spread Even dialogs could be opened partially off-screen.
Version 20.0.20, released the 11th November 2014
Design Tab
On Mac OS X, the contents of the layers folder, layer sets folder and individual layer sets were not shown on the right hand side.
Version 20.0.19, released the 8th November 2014
Laser Media
Spurious crashes could occur on exit and as laser media streams appeared or disappeared.
Demo Media
Laser as well as video media feeds were sometimes incorrectly watermarked with the demo text.
Design Tab
Crashes could occur when editing layers and layers sets in the Design tab after having performed undo or redo actions.
Motion Fixtures
Chaining motion fixtures in a loop lead to crashes when controlling them.
Motion Fixtures
The name of the motion fixture associated with an object was only visible when editing.
Motion Fixtures
When associating or disassociating an object with a motion fixture, its live positition wasn't updated to reflect the change.
Spread Even
The Spread Even operation performed incorrectly in projects with grouped objects.
Library Updates
On Mac OS X, the library installation UI did not appear while installing a new library.
Fixtures Tab
On Mac OS X, when selecting a range of fixtures in the Fixtures tab, the selection order was not correct.
Version 20.0.18, released the 31st October 2014
Library Search
Library search did not find filters and gobos by code, part number or origin.
Version 20.0.17, released the 29th October 2014
Startup Crash
Capture could crash on startup when closing the 'Welcome window' if no internet connection was present.
Framing Shutters
Manual control of non-DMX controlled (ADB Warp-type) perimetral framing shutters was not available.
Plot Clones
Cloning a plot created two linked rather than disparate plots.
Plot Views
Newly added plot view insets in perspective or orthographic modes were navigated in parallell rather than focus locked style.
Stage Decks
The material assignment of stage decks wasn't saved.
The rendering of transparent materials was inaccurate in some cases.
Zooming incorrectly reset the rotation anchor's position.
Version 20.0.16, released the 18th October 2014
Actor Wireframe
The actor object's wireframe representation was missing many lines.
SketchUp Names
Block and group names were not imported from SketchUp SKP files.
Save Image
The function to save an image in a view only created renders.
Version 20.0.15, released the 17th October 2014
Hang on Open
Capture could sometimes hang when opening large project files.
Adding new or cloning existing triangle objects lead to a crash.
Unessential Lines
Capture could crash when using the 'Remove unessential lines' function.
Intel Drivers
Capture refused to start on Intel HD 4400-based Windows computers due to a known Intel driver bug.
Media Properties
When changing the media property of fixtures or materials the value could only be changed if it was first cleared.
Version 20.0.14, released the 15th October 2014
Sketchup Import
Objects imported from Sketchup, 3DS or OBJ files in the Solo Edition were filtered out on save.
Key Files
License key files were rejected as invalid if their original filename casing wasn't preserved.
Plot Printing
On Mac OX X, all objects were drawn white when printing plots.
Symbol Key
Symbol key symbols were often printed white regardless of on-screen appearance.
Truss Colour
Changing the colour of a truss did not take effect until the project file was reloaded.


Capture Argo fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes