Upgrading to Capture 2024

For those of our users already accustomed to Capture 2023 we have gathered some useful information for the transition to Capture 2024.

Connectivity improvements

ArtNet and Compulite VC now bind to all local network interfaces. Hence, Capture 2024 removes the option to configure a local IP address for these protocols.

BlackTrax, CITP, KineSys, LasergraphDSP, OSC, PangolinLD, PosiStageNet and sACN can now be configured to use a specific local network interface. The new configuration sticks even if the local network interface changes its IP address, e.g. when a laptop is moved to a new location.

For ArtNet, the internal handling of poll requests has been improved. Poll replies are no longer broadcast to the entire network. They are instead routed directly to the source. A random delay is also applied. This avoids traffic spikes that may cause packet loss.

Removed connectivity support

Support for the Hog Connectivity Drivers has been removed due to their 32-bit architecture. We recommend Hog 4 users to use the CITP-based console link instead.

Support for ETC Net2 has been removed. We recommend using sACN or Art-Net instead.

Support for HippoMap has been removed. We recommend using NDI instead.

Location improvements

All objects used to be able to automatically inherit the value of their Location property based on the Unit property of the nearest truss. Trusses now also have a Location property and it is the value of this that nearby objects inherit.

When opening an old project file, the value of a truss’s Unit property is automatically copied to its Location property in order to ensure that other objects inherit the correct location.

When an object’s Location property has inherited its value (as opposed to having been explicitly set), this is indicated with an arrow prefixing the value, ie. “⮕ LX 1”.

Luminance in materials

Material texture generators and texture media is now linked to the luminance rather than the base colour.