Upgrading to Capture 2023

For those of our users already accustomed to Capture 2022 we have gathered some useful information for the transition to Capture 2023.

sACN configuration

Capture now only listens to 16 sACN universes by default. This can be changed in the options, which now also allows changing the start universe number.

sACN universe discovery is now also supported and enabled by default, meaning that Capture will attempt to receive all sACN universes on the network (if announced). Note that sACN universe discovery works with a 10+ seconds delay, so it will take some time until Capture discovers your universes.

Object properties

The Properties command in the Edit menu has moved to the Navigate menu and is now called Selected Items. As a result, the Properties command is also not present in the shortcut menu of the navigator any longer.

Keyboard shortcut changes

Changes to keyboard shortcuts have been made in both Windows and macOS. Refer to the hints in the menu for current keyboard shortcuts.

Notably, the shortcut for Selected Items (previously Properties) is now Ctrl+Enter on Windows and it cannot be changed. We were unable to preserve the Enter only keyboard shortcut while also providing a keyboard shortcut editor and the standard Windows dialog behaviour where the Return key accepts a dialog.

Selecting by fixture location

The command previously called Select All by Fixture Location is now Select All by Location.

Grouping objects included in scenes

When objects that are included in scenes are grouped, the new group is also included in scenes and inherits its location information from the objects.

Group unit numbers

Groups can now have unit numbers, which affects the Sequential Unit tool. If a group itself is selected, the tool assigns a number to the group but not any objects inside it. If a group itself is not selected, but objects inside it are, they are assigned unit numbers as if they were not in a group.