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Live webcast with more tips and tricks

Join us on Tuesday next week for another live webcast!

It will be a continuation of the tips and tricks session from the last webcast, covering new material as well as the questions that went unanswered last time.

Live webcast with tips and tricks

On Tuesday next week it's time for the first Facebok webcast of 2018!

It is going to be a tips and tricks session with in-depth discussions, taking a look at some of Capture's less obvious features.

Live webcast on colour mixing

On Tuesday next week we will be airing another live webcast with a special guest on Facebook! This time we will be joined by Sarah Clausen from ETC for a session on the capabilities of ETC's x7 Color System and the Eos family software.

Live webcast on DMX

On Tuesday next week we will be airing our webcast series with special guests for the second time! This time we will be joined by Michael Karlsson from LumenRadio for a conversation about all things DMX.