Capture 2021 released

Capture 2021 released


We are excited to announce that today we released Capture 2021 as planned!

If you missed last night’s Capture 2021 Release Event make sure you watch it now as we walk you through our new features:

For the complete list of features here is what’s new. And don’t forget you can always try them out by downloading the demo and loading your existing shows, our new Teatro sample project file, or creating new ones.

Product structure and pricing have remained the same while you can choose to upgrade to Capture 2021 from your current product versions as seen in the table below. As promised all Capture 2020 licenses were upgraded for free and have already been emailed to license owners.

Capture Edition Upgrade Price
Solo €99
Duet €119
Quartet €129
Symphony €149

Capture Edition Solo Duet Quartet Symphony
Upgrade Price €99 €119 €129 €149

Upgrades to Capture 2021 are priced the same regardless of which version you own; Capture 2019, Capture 2018, Capture Nexum or Capture Atlas.

Finally, we have also published an updated reference manual. And in case you don’t have a Capture 2021 license you can always experiment with the free Capture 2021 Student Edition.

With warm regards from the entire Capture team,
Enjoy Capture 2021 and stay safe!