An update on macOS and GPUs

An update on macOS and GPUs

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Since the release of Capture 2020 we have been maintaining the Mac Metal Issues page, tracking issues with Capture 2020 on specific Mac GPUs.

We are glad to report that as of the release of macOS 11.1 and Capture 2020.0.54, the only known GPU issues are with NVidia-powered Macs. As these were only sold up until 2013 we have now taken down the issue tracking page and are pretty much calling it case closed.

This means that those of you with AMD RX 5000 series GPUs (such as in the latest 16" MacBook Pros) will no longer see the GPU warning on startup - provided that you have upgraded to macOS 11.1. And of course you will now be running on automatic quality which provides the best rendering quality for your lighting design and hardware.

You can download Capture 2020.0.54 on our Download page. Please let us know if you run into any issues.