MA Lighting viz-key support

MA Lighting viz-key support

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Following MA Lighting's announcement of the grandMA3 lighting control system, a frequent question with our support has been whether we support receiving DMX over MA-Net3 from grandMA3 or not. So far the answer has always been no, but this may be about to change soon.

MA Lighting are currently in the process of finalising a solution for us and other products in a similar position. The solution will come in the form of a USB device called the "viz-key", which once plugged into the computer would grant Capture access to the visualisation of all MA-Net3 parameters, including non-granted parameters.

We are currently working with MA Lighting on analysing their solution in order to understand how and when it could be incorporated into Capture in a secure way. MA Lighting take the protection of DMX data from their system very seriously, which is why they will also be able revoke our users' access to grandMA3 parameters in the event of any security issue.

It is our ambition to provide support for the viz-key with the release of Capture 2021 – or as soon as possible in an update following that.

See also MA-Lighting’s press release: grandMA3 viz-key announced