An update on macOS and Intel GPUs

An update on macOS and Intel GPUs

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In the Future macOS GPU compatibility blog post the 4th of January we described GPU driver issues in macOS that could prevent us from supporting Intel GPUs on macOS in Capture 2020.

The latest update on the matter is that Apple have informed us that they are waiting for Intel to address these issues.

In the meanwhile we have managed to device a workaround of sorts. This workaround requires disabling visualisation and rendering of transparent materials and affects the rendering of beams of multi-aperture fixtures in specific situations, typically near the fixture itself. While this workaround degrades the quality and accuracy of the visualisation, it does seem to allow Capture 2020 to run on Intel GPUs.

We still feel the need to advice users with Intel GPUs on Macs to proceed with caution, but are carefully optimistic that Capture 2020 will run fine on all Intel and AMD GPU Macs. If Intel manages to resolve the issues we will of course release a new version of Capture 2020 without the workaround.

NVidia GPUs on Mac remain unsupported as driver issues have been reported in the past but Apple have not had them looked into or fixed. Technically nothing should prevent Capture 2020 from running on NVidia GPU-based Macs, but our means of verifying this are limited and issues, should they arise, do not seem to get resolved.

We encourage Mac users of Capture to download and run Capture 2020 in demo mode, parallell to any previous Capture installation, in order to verify operation on any Intel GPU-based Macs before purchasing an upgrade to Capture 2020.