Capture Polar end of support

Capture Polar end of support


Capture Polar was discontinued as a product when Capture Argo was released on the 14th of October 2014, as seen on our page The History of Capture. This date marked the start of the five year period after which the support for Capture Polar would come to an end, according to our licensing policies. Although the five-year period was completed on the 14th of October 2019, we decided to silently extend it until the release of Capture 2020 in the first quarter of 2020.

Practically, the end of support for Capture Polar means that it will not be possible to purchase the optional paid upgrade to Capture 2020, or future product versions. Capture 2019 is the last product version that a Capture Polar license can be upgraded too. It is worth stressing that the cost for upgrading from Polar to 2019 does not get multiplied by the number of optional paid upgrades that have been skipped. The cost remains between 99 to 149 euros as seen in the table below from our products page:

Capture Edition Upgrade Price
Solo €99
Duet €119
Quartet €129
Symphony €149

Upgrades to Capture 2019 are priced the same regardless of which version you own; Capture Polar, Capture Argo, Capture Atlas, Capture Nexum or Capture 2018.

Capture Polar users who have not chosen to upgrade to Capture 2019 will have to buy a new license if needed from Capture 2020 and on. However, their Capture Polar licenses will remain operational, and our license servers will be serving license key file unlocks as usual.

At the same time, another implication of the end of support is that the Capture Polar daily library updates in our archive section will freeze on the day that Capture 2020 gets released.

It is our intention to release Capture 2020 in March. Therefore, there is at least one more month for the remaining few Polar users who want to secure their investment in Capture and upgrade now to Capture 2019.

Capture 2020 release information (updated on 04-02-2020).

  • Capture 2020 will be released on the 10th of March 2020, as announced during our live webcast, available also on our YouTube channel.
  • Grace Period started on 03-02-2020, which means all Capture Polar to Capture 2019 upgrades are entitled for a free upgrade to Capture 2020.