Capture for H.I.M New Year's Eve event

Capture for H.I.M New Year's Eve event

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The open minded H.I.M festival kicked off 2019 at AEC Antwerp with a show that was designed, visualised and documented using Capture.

First the house rig of the AEC building was imported as CSV fixture data from an existing ChamSys show. Once extra fixtures had been added, the CITP console link with ChamSys was used to transfer the patch from Capture to a new ChamSys show. The video mapping on the LED cross was simulated using Resolume and an NDI video feed into Capture. This setup was used to design the overall light show as well as the countdown show that was rendered and presented to the customer.

"It was the first time I used so many Capture features together in one project and I'm really happy with the results. The new DirectX rendering, tight integration with ChamSys and the possibility to feed NDI video streams into Capture really helped me a lot."

Lighting design by Dave Cools, illumin8.

We thank Dave Cools for participating in our Showcase Reward Program.