Capture 2019.1 released

Capture 2019.1 released


Today we are releasing Capture 2019.1, an update to Capture 2019 with important enhancements based on the feedback from our users. In this post we describe some of the highlights of the update. For the full list, please see the Release Notes of Capture 2019.

The fixture control pane has long been unable to control fixtures with specific colour emitters - that is non-white emitters that don't provide a virtual RGB or colour temperature colour mixing mode. Examples are fixtures with a single custom colour like red only lasers or fixtures with specific colour choices like a warm and a cold white. With this update you can now control these individual colours in the control pane, as the post image shows with one slider per colour (plus a global intensity if the fixture supports this).

Some of our Mac users who work with a Magic Mouse have complained about the top surface of their Magic Mouse performing panoration instead of zoom as it used to before. The top surface of the Magic Mouse is effectively a trackpad, just like the trackpad of a laptop  or the Magic Trackpad. As there is no way for Capture to distinguish between them, we have added a settings option that allows you to disable trackpad panoration , effectively reverting Capture 2019 back to the behaviour of previous Capture releases.

Another common request has been the ability to tweak the intensity of fixtures. We have been unwilling to provide such a feature with the ability to report to us the reason for the tweak, primarily so that we could investigate any issues in the library. Given that AtlaBase have recently revised the fixture intensities of all fixtures in the library, raising our confidence in the quality of the data, and that there are other valid use cases for such tweaks, we have decided to provide this feature even though the feedback mechanism is not yet in place. Tweaking fixture intensities is done using the "Intensity scale" property of a fixture.

Among the smaller items we have also added support for SketchUp 2019 files, had lighting from hidden or filtered fixtures removed and ensured that slider property editors can be used with the keyboard.

We thank all our users for their valuable and instrumental feedback!