New plot rigging and informative symbols

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While AtlaBase is constantly supplying Capture with new library content in many forms, the library items added are usually quite specific and generally not of interest to all users so we tend not to make much fuzz about it. However, we have just had some useful plot symbols added that we thought we'd bring some attention to.

Rigging points - There are now three rigging point symbols; one round, one square and one triangular. The new shapes, particularly when combined with different layer colors, really help differentiating between different weight loads, motors or other types of rigging points.

Attention symbols - The new informative and warning attention symbols help you mark out any type of relevant information on the plot.

These symbols can be found in the library under the Symbols / Illustrations and have been included in the installer since Capture Atlas 22.1.7 but are available to all Capture versions as part of the separate library updates as well.

Annotation text for all symbols (including the rigging points) can be entered in the unit property - to fine tune the location of the annotation, double click on the annotation to select only the annotation box, ensure that you have paper adjustments enabled (the on/off switch top right of the selection rectangle) and then move it to any location desired.