Grace period for Capture 2023 is now open

Grace period for Capture 2023 is now open


If you haven't heard the news about the Capture 2023 release already, here are the important details, starting with the dates:

  • 2023-02-06 Grace Period opens
  • 2023-02-13 Prerelease access to Resellers and Translators. If you are interested in translating Capture in your language drop us an email to
  • 2023-03-14 Capture 2023 Public Release

During the Grace Period all New Licences of Capture 2022, or Version Upgrades to 2022 from any previous product version, will be upgraded to Capture 2023 free of charge. The updated key files will be sent out automatically on 2023-03-14. No action required by license owners. Edition Upgrades to higher Capture 2022 Editions are excluded. There will be no exceptions made to the announced Grace Period so as to be fair to all our users.

All these things were discussed along with questions by users in our latest webcast:

When it comes to prices we managed to keep them steady, regardless of the fact that everything around us has gotten more expensive. Here they are:

Capture Edition Upgrade Price
Solo 99€
Duet 119€
Quartet 129€
Symphony 149€
Capture Edition Solo Duet Quartet Symphony
Upgrade Price 99€ 119€ 129€ 149€

Please note that upgrades to Capture 2023 are priced the same regardless of which version you own; Capture 2022, Capture 2021, Capture 2020, Capture 2019, or Capture 2018.

Note to Capture Nexum users only: The release of Capture 2023 marks the end of support for Capture Nexum which was released back in 2017-04-25, which means that there will be no upgrade path available to purchase. Any Capture Nexum users that upgrade now during the Grace Period will receive a free upgrade to Capture 2023 on the 14th of March.

In the meanwhile take care and stay tuned to our Friday teasers on social media!