Capture stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Capture stands in solidarity with Ukraine


In the past days we have followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine with horror and disbelief. We wish to extend our fullest and most heartfelt support to the citizens of Ukraine.

At the same time, Russia has issued a threat of “serious military-political repercussions” towards Sweden where we are based (and Finland), should we intend to join NATO.

We believe that, in the situation we find ourselves in, everything that we could possibly do to help stop the events unfolding, must be done. We must join in the efforts of putting pressure on the Russian leadership, with the help of the Russian population, to immediately start respecting the borders and free will of other nations. We call on anyone with the ability to exert pressure to join us.

We are therefore, effective immediately, putting a hold on sales to Russia and Belarus.

This is a very difficult decision for us. We deeply value our relationship with our Russian customers and understand the position this puts them in. We understand that their ability to change the course of history is limited. At the same time, lighting design software is not a life essential - and lives are at stake. We hope for their understanding and perhaps even support - but more than anything we hope for this insanity to stop as soon as possible.

Flag of Ukraine by CC9.