Capture supports Light-H-Art at Eurovision

Capture supports Light-H-Art at Eurovision

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It has been a great journey for us the past months to follow and report to you how Capture was used throughout this year's Eurovision Song Contest by lighting designer Henk-Jan van Beek and his team Light-H-Art, resulting in a highly aesthetic design. We particularly enjoyed it when he brought us behind the scenes giving an interview with ESC’s First Multicam Director Marnix Kaart where they discussed how their two teams worked together based on Capture and CuePilot. Throughout the entire project we supported ESC’s Technical Supplier Ampco Flashlight who supplied the six Capture workstations used, and of course visited daily their active blog diary with news from the venue.

By now you might have read multiple stories with extensive coverage about the contest, while we will let Light-H-Art wrap it up with their own message below:

“Capture helped us to manage design, documentation and visualization all together in one place. With clean and effective imports through SketchUp and exports to DWG we were able to effectively communicate with other technical departments, while also giving realistic presentations to the creative team using “Live” mode.

"During the pre-visualization we were able to combine lights, video, motion, cameras, props and staging into one complete visualization. This allowed us to accurately present our work to the executive teams even before moving into the venue.

"Thanks to the support of the Capture team we were able to maximize the possibilities in both design and visualization.”

Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2021
Venue: Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lighting Design: Henk-Jan van Beek
Associate Designers: Bas de Vries, Martin Beekhuizen, Joost Wijgers
Gaffer: Bart van Stiphout
Programmers: Micky Dordregter, André Beekmans, Robbert-Jan Vernooij, Erik-Jan Berendsen, Bas Geersema, Emillio Galluzzo, Joost Wijgers
Technical supplier: Ampco Flashlight
Photos: Nathan Reinds

Special thanks from the entire Capture team to everyone at Light-H-Art for your awesome work and for sharing it with all of us. And since we cannot have enough we left for the end this previsualisation aftermovie of yours which recaps everything unbelievably: