Right before the end of the year we would like to welcome IMLIGHT-SHOWTECHNIK as a Capture Reseller in Russia. Vangelis interviewed Denis Velikzhanin, who is the brand manager of the PROLight Department in IMLIGHT, and here are his thoughts along with his festive renders!

Vangelis: Hello, Denis! Can you start by sharing with us a few words about your company?
Denis: Andrey Pushkarev, the founder and permanent head of our company, is a very creative person, a theater enthusiast, a person who is keen on artistic lighting, an unsurpassed leader. Under his leadership, for more than 30 years, our company has remained one of the main forces forming the show industry in Russia, having a huge experience of working on stages of various sizes and purposes. Over the years in this business, we have implemented about 500 projects of complex equipment of theaters, philharmonics, cinemas and concert halls, circuses, ice arenas and other cultural and sports facilities. The company's opportunities allow performing complex tasks from design and supply of equipment to installation, warranty and post-warranty service. All proposed design solutions are based on the use of equipment of the leading foreign brands, as well as our own products under the brand IMLIGHT. We manufacture projectors for theaters and general-purpose lighting; power and electronic equipment; light and winch control systems; stage mechanics and clothing; steel and aluminum structures; mobile stage pavilions and trusses. Our company has modern warehouse complexes with up-to date equipment, the first-rate EVENT department, and its own fleet. The company has more than 400 employees in various departments.

Vangelis: Why do you think 3D visualisation is needed?
Denis: Visualisation bridges the gap of misunderstanding between the manager and the client. The very frequent question is, "Why are there so many spotlights in the specification?" We have to explain to our client why certain projectors are suitable / not suitable for this project and what function each of them performs. Each of us has drawn a simple diagram of the arrangement of devices using pen and paper, computer drawing tools, or even programs not intended for this at least once. But any diagram shows everything in simplified form, but does not answer the questions "why so much?" and "why exactly these devices?" Visualisation helps to understand how the lighting from our specification will work in the client's place, helps to capture the essence of our idea, gives a special zest and increases the chances of a deal. The client clearly understands already what he is paying for, and the manager can easily explain his creative and technical ideas.

Vangelis: Denis, how long have you been familiar with Capture Visualisation software products?
Denis: I encountered Capture Visualisation software for the first time not so long ago - in 2018. Then, the Capture 2018 Duet Edition license was purchased at my request. Since then, I have been using this program almost every day and have completed over 100 projects of diverse complexity in it, from simple diagrams to complex visualisations.

Vangelis: What functions attracted you when using Capture?
Denis: It makes no sense to tell the Capture representatives in detail about their brainchild, but I will briefly list things that seem to me really important when choosing software, and what advantages overweighed the cup of doubts "Buy or not?":
•    Your software products are widely known throughout the world.
•    Excellent functionality and price-options relationship
•    Many global console manufacturers include the Capture visualiser in the standard scope of delivery with their consoles. 
•    Great library of lights, projectors, trusses
•    Well optimized graphics engine, which is an important factor. 
•    You do not need to have several programs. All three main tasks - diagrams, reports, visualisation - are solved in one program.

Vangelis: Why does IMLIGHT want to be a Capture Reseller?
Denis: There are three main reasons:
Firstly, in my opinion, each commercial offer to a potential client should be accompanied not only by an Invoice, but by obligatory attachments - diagram and specification, infographics, visualisation, presentation. Many companies in Russia use only Proforma (Invoice). It is very important for Imlight to keep up with the times and I am planning to train personally our employees to use Capture in their daily work. 
Secondly, Imlight has a well-developed dealer network in the regions of Russia. I hope that, following the example of the head office, they will also start using Capture, due to which they will get ahead of their business rivals and boost our rating on the Russian lighting equipment market even more. 
Thirdly, our company sells DMX consoles for lighting control under the STAGE4 brand that is entrusted to me. I am deeply convinced that consoles should be offered together with a Capture license, since visualisation and consoles are integral halves of a single whole.

Vangelis: Denis, what is your plan for promoting Capture in Russia?
Denis: I am carefully planning the tactics of promoting the Capture software product: personal meetings and online presentations, work on social networks, and, of course, numerous webinars. This product absolutely needs to be shown. On my behalf, I offer Russian-language support - which is required by most users.

Vangelis: And how can Russian-speaking users contact you?
Denis: I will be glad to answer all your questions about Capture in ICQ @denray and Telegram @denraysss. You can also send questions to my e-mail I will be pleased to give you a presentation or consult on the questions raised. 

Vangelis: What advice can you give to our readers who are just thinking about purchasing Capture?
Denis: Dear friends and colleagues, if you are a lighting designer, design engineer, sales manager of lighting equipment, expert in EVENT industry, then you need Capture 2020. There is no other more modern, simple, efficient, and financially affordable solution in the field of lighting design and visualisation at the moment. Of course, you can and should compare with other software products. However eventually you will come to Capture - it is really simple, reliable, the best price-quality relationship. Dear friends and colleagues, do not hesitate, join the team of numerous Capture fans.

Vangelis: And in the spirit of the days what would you like to wish our readers for the holidays?
DV: Dear friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I sincerely wish that we will overcome considerably fewer challenges in 2021. Health to you and your nearest! Have bright, interesting and colorful projects in 2021! And Capture will help you with this! 
I wish the Capture Visualisation company prosperity and implementation of the most daring and innovative ideas in the new and long-expected version of the Capture 2021 program. 
Happy Holidays!

IMLIGHT-SHOWTECHNIC press release in Russian