Capture for ArtMasters 2020, Russia

Capture for ArtMasters 2020, Russia

ArtMasters 2020 is a championship of creative competencies, which was held in Russia for four months and ended in October. About 10,000 people took part in it. The championship was held in sixteen different competencies, one of which was that of the lighting designer.

Mikhail Gleikin, a 21 year old participant of the championship, took the second place and at the same time received the audience award in the competency "Lighting Designer". The contestants were evaluated in two directions: theater and concert, while each of them was divided into two parts. For the first part of the theater direction contestants had to create a project of the artistic design of the stage in a visualization program, and for this M. Gleikin used Capture.

The second part of the theater direction took place on the real stage of the Dramatic art school, where a fifteen-minute performance based on "Ruslan and Lyudmila" was staged especially for the participants of the championship, for which they were to create lighting design and technical documentation.

During the face-to-face stage, each of the participants was given six hours: four hours for technical preparation of the site and two hours for working with the actors. "During the performance itself, we worked with the light manually, because something might go wrong during the performance. Here you need full concentration, you must constantly monitor the actors and wait for the moment to correct the light at the slightest mistake", said M. Gleikin

The competition part of the concert direction was held on the stage of MIREA University. The participants created a light design on a ready-made stage, which was installed specifically for them, for a vocal and instrumental presentation with a jazz orchestra. Each participant was sent a musical composition in advance and the participants created a show based on it in the Visualizer, and then sent it to the main expert for verification, which in turn affected the final score.

Directly on the site, before the performance, each participant was given an hour to correct the show. "When I think about lighting, I try to focus solely on the content and atmosphere of what is happening on stage. Light should logically emphasize and complement the show. M. Gleikin emphasized.

To facilitate the work of the lighting designer, a well-chosen visualization program helps to a large extent. "Capture is the perfect program for me," Mikhail continues. "This is program with the simplest possible interface which can solve problems of various complexity. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Its big advantage is the fact that it can perfectly perform its functions on a computer of even average power. I owe much of my success to Capture at this championship. Special thanks to the Capture Sales team, which helped me out more than once on the way to my victory."