Come Alive, a Capture movie render

Come Alive, a Capture movie render

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It always feels very rewarding when you send us renders, videos, projects and other material where you show us how you use Capture. This time we enjoyed the following video by Joost Wijgers, and we wanted to share it with you. As Joost noted this was a project he came up with during the pandemic lockdown, so we wish him the best in making more of these videos along with real footage as soon as shows Come Alive again!

Design & programming: Joost Wijgers
Music: The Greatest Showman - Come Alive
Venue textures: Sebastian van der Laan
Venues: Theatre Carre Amsterdam Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Ziggo Dome Amsterdam
3D people:, 3D Warehouse

Designed & rendered in Capture 2020, programmed on GrandMa2 onPC.