Firefighters' Ball in France

Firefighters' Ball in France

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Back in 2019 the Firefighters’ Ball took place in Haguenau Alsace France, at the fire station, an event to celebrate the 14th of July. The theme of the event was “Paris by night” and Christophe Gasser from TRS Sonorisation was inspired to create their own structure of the Eiffel Tower.

By teaming up with Global Truss they managed to deliver all the pieces needed to build a tower that was 18m high, with a base width of 7x7m, an elevated DJ booth of 4x4m, while it all weighed 1100kg.

Christophe was the lighting technician and project manager of the ball, and in the beginning he used Capture to see the rendering of the tower in 3D. He stressed that without partnering with Global Truss for all the custom pieces none of this would be possible. The next step then was to patch his lighting design in Capture so as to program the following timecoded intro.

Thank you Christophe for participating in our Showcase Reward Program. The free upgrade to Capture 2021 will be waiting for you once we release it. 

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