Webcast on upcoming release

Webcast on upcoming release

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We are nearing the release of Capture 2020! Join us in this webcast where we reveal the date of the release and the release webcast. We will cover some information relevant to Capture 2020, including what it will mean in terms of hardware and software requirements as well as licensing costs.

While the full details of Capture 2020 will be revealed later (during the release webcast), we will take a moment to revisit what we have already given away; cross-platform presentations, focus planes and glTF import/export.

Seeing that we received more questions than we could answer during the our last Q&A, we will continue with more Q&A at the end of this webcast too, especially since you may have questions related to the release of Capture 2020.

The webcast will be broadcasted on our Facebook page on Monday the 3rd of February at 20:00 CET.