Hog Factor 2019

Hog Factor 2019

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Phase Two is ready for the Hog Factor USA Competition. This means that the top three teams from Phase One are now preprogramming their shows for the finals using a Hog console and a Capture presentation file of the HES LDI booth design. The final contest will be held during the 2019 LDI Show in Las Vegas on Friday, November 22, 2019 at 5pm on the High End Systems exhibit stand.

Each team wins a Hog console and a Capture license for the school the students attend, while every student receives an ETC Student Nomad software package and dongle (including Hog4PC). First prize is a Road Hog 4 and a Capture Edition upgrade to Quartet from the Duet already bundled with the console. Second prize is a Hedgehog 4x and a Capture Edition upgrade to Duet from the bundled Solo Edition. Finally, the third prize is a Hoglet console and a Capture Solo Edition license.

You can follow the USA competition here, and when we are back from LDI we will report on what happened in the final round. In the meanwhile, here are the winners from the Hog Factor Europe Competition, that took place during the tradeshow Prolight + Sound 2019.

From the HES/ETC press release;
“High End Systems’ Hog 4-18 console was used for the Hog Factor 2019 final which drew big crowds as three teams went head-to-head in the academic lighting programming contest. Industry lighting professionals Jojo Tillman, Marco Silva and Sander Den Otter judged the teams and awarded first place to ‘Team Vienna Illuminates’. The winning contestants – Andreas Aichholzer and Sebastian Schmid from Austria, performed in front of some of the industry’s most well-known companies and professionals. ‘Team AKA’ won second place, followed by ‘Team STEX’ from Austria. The teams took home a host of High End products as prizes and lighting design software company Capture, provided software licenses to each team as part of the prizes.”

The Hog Factor Europe 2020 is now in Phase 1, so if you want to participate and win Hog consoles and Capture licenses there is still time to apply until January 16, 2020.

The Capture team wishes all participants across the globe good luck!

About Hog Factor

Launched in 2014, High End Systems’ Hog Factor is a lighting programming competition held in conjunction with major trade shows and events across the globe. Individual and team contestants are given the opportunity to program and operate lighting demonstrations using the Hog 4 control platform, along with the chance to win prizes. The contest is open to collegiate individual and student teams as well as those not currently enrolled in a University lighting program.