Capture for Nickelodeon Adventure theme parks

Capture for Nickelodeon Adventure theme parks

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Here is the showcase of Jose Sanchez who used Capture for the lighting design of Nickelodeon Adventure park in Madrid. Theme parks is yet another use case scenario for Capture, since they usually involve dynamic looks of lighting, multimedia and moving scenery, across different networking protocols. We asked Jose what the main reason was for using Capture in his workflow, and below you can read his response.

“The main feature is the use of SketchUp and CAD files, because I first design with these programs and then render the lighting with Capture. It has practically all the libraries of the fixtures used in the project. It is essential that the render sent to Nickelodeon America would fully fit the final result (a perfect reference),and being an architectural installation that is quite complicated. The result was perfect and the customer very satisfied. I am very happy with Capture and I can recommend to any designer to try it.”  

Indeed, Madrid must have been a success story since Jose will soon deliver the Nickelodeon Adventure London park, from where he could only share the following renders until the doors are open to the public.

Lighting Designer Jose Sanchez

His professional career in the sector extents to more than 30 years, taking part in the most important companies in Spain, working as a video, lights and sound operator.‚Äč He is currently developing lighting and video projects for different companies in the audio-visual sector.

Thank you Jose for participating in our Showcase Reward Program. The free upgrade to Capture 2020 will be waiting for you once we release it.