Infinity new reselling manufacturer

Infinity new reselling manufacturer


“Meet the Chimp” is the slogan on the homepage of Infinity; and if you have met the Chimp console range in a tradeshow or a training, then most probably it was visualising on Capture. The next step for Infinity was to be able to directly supply Capture licenses to Chimp users who needed a complete lighting design and visualisation solution. This is now possible through the Infinity reseller network.

When we asked Infinity why they wanted to become a Capture Reselling Manufacturer, they replied; “When we started with the Chimp training sessions we were looking for a way to be able to actually visualize each show as realistically as possible. We found the solution with the brilliant software from Capture. Not only does Capture use the same AtlaBase fixture-library with all the attributes as the Chimp controller does, but with Capture the light designer can add virtually the entire stage to his 3D live image. Every fixture, movement, colour or gobo is visualized. This completes the image and gives a perfect live 3D preview of the show to come. We have been cooperating with Capture since the first Chimp training sessions because they operate at the same standard as we do: to design a good product keeping the customer’s wishes in mind, focus on quality and offer the best possible support. That is why we chose to become a Reselling Manufacturer for Capture.”

We couldn’t agree more on the core principles of striving to make an excellent product, listening to our users, and offering the best possible aftersales experience. Therefore, we trust that the cooperation with Infinity will be successful for both sides, and of course above all for our mutual users.

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