Capture 2019 released

Capture 2019 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Capture 2019 which is now available for download and purchase!

In this release we have focused a lot on the efficiency of the lighting design workflow, in terms of both features and general user interface behaviour. Key enhancements include a more fluid user interface with more customisation options, a redesigned control pane for better control of fixtures and XYZ information in rigging point annotations.

We have also made significant improvements to the performance of the visualisation. With framerate improvements approx. a factor 2x - 3x, Capture 2019 will breathe new life into your computers, also reducing the rendering times of images and movies.

Note - With Capture 2019 the computer requirements have been increased to Windows 10 with DirectX 11 on PC and macOS 10.13 with Metal on Mac computers. You can read more about the Upcoming new system requirements blog post.

For more information about Capture 2019, visit our What's new in 2019 page or watch the release webcast -






The upgrade prices for current Capture users are as follows (for a complete overview, see our Upgrade paths page) -

  • Solo Edition - 99 €
  • Duet Edition - 119 €
  • Quartet Edition - 129 €
  • Symphony Edition - 149 €

Customers that purchased new licences or upgrades to Capture 2018 during our grace period will be contacted within the next days with their complimentary upgrades to Capture 2019.

Our new logotype

We would also like to mention our new logotype, inspired by photons, wavelengths and colours. The five colours of its whirl are the five primary colours of the Munsell colour system, the predecessor to the HSV colour system. These will be used as theme colours for our upcoming releases, starting with the purple colour for Capture 2019.