Capture for Lynk & Co exhibition tour

Capture for Lynk & Co exhibition tour

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This spring and summer new Chinese car manufacturer Lynk & Co undertook their 2018 Spring & Summer New Car Model Public Announcement exhibition tour in China as part of launching their new brand.

"I really enjoy the simplicity using Capture 2018. It has saved us time and reduced our workload, giving us confidence in the success of the event." says Wang Wai, senior lighting technical manager of AV Promotions Ltd.

The team used Capture extensively for the show which was fully designed and visualized in Capture 2018. The patch was also exported from Capture to the grandMA2 console that was used to control the show.

Set, lighting and video design by Wang Wai. Photos from the preparations of the opening show at Lynk & Co's manufacturing base in Hebei, Zhangjiakou, China.

We thank Wang Wai and AV Promotions Ltd. for participating in our Showcase Reward Program.