Capture for the Australian Pink Floyd Show tour

Capture for the Australian Pink Floyd Show tour

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The Australian Pink Floyd Show is touring Europe, North America, Canada and the UK throughout 2018. Lighting design and operator Tom Mumby just recently switched to Capture and calls it "a total life changer".

Tom used the CSV fixture data import feature in Capture to import large parts of the rig from the 2017 tour which was designed in wysiwyg into Capture.

From Capture Tom could then also transfer the patch to the ChamSys MQ500 the show is touring with -"Touring with a Chamsys MQ500 the 'Auto Patch' feature is fantastic. Not only does it patch every fixture in Capture, it also transfers the plot data onto the console. Without this, that info would have to be input manually."

Lighting design by Tom Mumby, T-Mec Productions Capture renders from the 2018 tour, photos from the 2017 tour.

We thank Tom Mumby for participating in our Showcase Reward Program.