Capture for Casper's Lang Lebe der Tod Tour

Capture for Casper's Lang Lebe der Tod Tour

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From November 2017 to March 2018 German rapper Casper toured Central Europe with his new "Lang lebe der Tod" album.

Lighting designer Christoph Schneider used Capture for the design and preprogramming of the show. With around 10 hours to spend on each song, from first listening to preprogramming, Christoph rendered each song in Capture in order to be able to give it to the artist for feedback.

"The biggest advantage for me is that it runs on both PC and Mac. I have a big PC at home for preprogramming, but I can always show my ideas and work on concepts when on the road with my Mac. I also really like how easy to use Capture is - it feels like an 'app' which is really positive to me as I spend enough time with manuals in my life" says Christoph.

Lighting design by Christoph Schneider, set design based on an original idea of All Acces Design and video content in cooperation with Andreas Babenko. The photos were taken during the show in Frankfurt Festhalle the 18th of November 2017.

We thank Christoph Schneider for participating in our Showcase Reward Program.