Capture for Mercedes-Benz in Dubai

Capture for Mercedes-Benz in Dubai

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The 7th of March an extraordinary show was put on at the shores of Dubai for the regional launch of Mercedes-Benz's latest generation of heavy trucks. With hundreds of VIP and media representatives from nearby Eastern and African countries present, tarm Showlaser and Leithaus Filmproduktion framed the launch on a floating stage using 10 high power laser projectors with the Dubai Eye as backdrop.

The laser show was produced in a period of 8 days and visualized by tarm Showlaser using Capture.

"We only had one night for trials on the sea at the coast of Dubai and in such cases thorough preparations are the key to success. That is why we programmed and visualized the entire show in Capture in our Bochum studios." says Ralf Lottig, managing director of tarm Showlaser.

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