Capture 2018 released!

Capture 2018 released!

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We are happy to announce the release of Capture 2018, available for download and purchase as of today!

With Capture 2018 we have revisited the core functionality of Capture and its user interface. We have added support for Windows per-monitor DPI awareness v2 and done a major redesign of the project window in general and the Design, Universes and Library tabs in particular.

Since the release of Capture 2005 Capture has relied on OpenGL but this is changing with the rollout of our new rendering engine in Capture 2018. The new rendering engine uses Microsoft's DirectX and Apple's Metal technologies which will bring both better performance and stability as well as allow us to bring new visualization feature to Capture faster in the future.

With Capture 2018 we are introducing the concept of fixture locations, useful for selection manipulations as well as reports. The ability to add custom report content and scaling plot symbols are both highly request features available in Capture 2018, along with more truss types and the visualization of different types of truss bracings.

We have also made several improvements to the interoperability between Capture and other design tools. We are particularly excited over the enhancements to the export of DWG files as well as the export of patch data to the grandMA2 lighting console!

Don't miss the video from our live release event yesterday for more details -

You can read about all the new features of Capture 2018 here and about all the upgrade paths available here as well.

More details about the rollout of our new graphics engine; how to test it and report any issues with it can be found on this page, which will be kept alive and updated through the rollout.