Follow-up on our environmental commitment

Follow-up on our environmental commitment


Early this June when the United States had announced their intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, we published a blog post expressing our dismay with the situation. Now it's time to follow up on what has happened since then.

It did not take long until some US states and several large corporations and organizations vowed to double down on their environmental efforts in an attempt to restore balance. This was when the complexity of analyzing to what extent a nation actually honors the Paris agreement dawned on us and in combination with other complications we abandoned our plans of an environmental protection surcharge.

Instead we turned the attention to ourselves. What impact on the environment does Capture have? What can we do to help?

We believe that the use of a lighting design and visualization software is fundamentally good for reducing the environmental impact of a production. Thanks to the use of a virtual design environment equipment can be used more effectively and for shorter periods of time. Travel time and the time required on site can also be reduced.

As a company our greatest impact on the environment is caused by travel. On the positive side all our employees and consultants, who live in different locations in Europe, work from home or private offices, eliminating a lot of commuting. We have also decided to keep any internal meeting travel to a bare minimum. Finding a way of reducing the environmental impact of sales related travel remains an area of improvement for us in the future. Finally, our use of computers and electronics represents our second largest challenge where we have already been working on extending the lifespan of all hardware by purchasing used hardware when possible (ie. when compatibility testing video cards), passing on used hardware when it is no longer needed or ensuring that it is recycled when it has reached its end of life.

We have also decided to start investing a part of our revenue in supporting environmental organizations that go beyond our reach and competence in helping get the world back on its feet. We have chosen to support the global World Wildlife Foundation and more regional Naturskyddsföreningen (the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) financially through their corporate sponsorship programs. The WWF and Naturskyddsföreningen share similar goals and work both on a practical and political level with a pronounced foundation in scientific and democratic methods.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, questions or thoughts on how we could improve or help you improve our support for the planet!