Capture for the Voice of Holland

Capture for the Voice of Holland

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Lighting designer Bas de Vries is putting Capture Nexum to the test at this year's edition of the Voice of Holland.

Five shows have been recorded so far during September and October; the blind auditions and battles of the Voice of Holland and the Voice Kids as well as the knockout of the Voice of Holland. These were recorded at the Media Park in Hilversum, as will the remaining five live shows in February.

This year Bas de Vries, resident lighting designer since the beginning of the show in 2010, decided to try a new workflow including Capture. By importing the CAD drawing from the decor designer along with his light plot drawn in Vectorworks using the SpotLt-LampLt plugin into Capture, Bas de Vries is now able to show his client Talpa and the director what the lighting will look like, interacting with the set. The level of realism gained as compared to previous renders made by the set designer pleased them much.

Bas de Vries has been putting this workflow to the test for the past six months and feels it's a super combination:

"It is unbelievable how fast you can render a stage with lights for a client. All types of fixtures, trusses and LED screens are available in Capture and the software is very easy to learn and the video tutorials on YouTube are perfect.

With most rendering programs you have problems importing DWG files but not with Capture - what a blessing! Also importing SketchUp files from 3D Warehouse and how textures are preserved is nice.

Then of course the price / quality comparison. Capture is the best software I know for renders."

Render by lighting designer Bas de Vries,

Photo by Sander Stoepker, © 2017-10-13 Talpa Content BV