Avolites release Titan V10 with Capture Component

The Capture Component, Capture's visualization software component meant for integration in other products of the entertainment industry, plays a prominent role in Avolites' latest Titan V10 software release this week.

An early form of the Capture Component has already been seen in ETC's Congo/Cobalt consoles since 2005, providing integrated visualization of a set of predefined training shows useful both for ETC's sales organization and users learning the console. Following several years of ambition of empowering more control systems with three-dimensional visualization and better visualization software integration, the Capture Component was formally productized and launched as such in March 2015.

This week Avolites are releasing the latest version of their console and laptop-based control software Titan, the first system on the market to feature the Capture Component. With Titan V10 realistic 3D visualization is now an integral part of the system and the user can lay out fixtures in 3D using the console's encoder wheels as well as import and export Capture project files directly from the console. With Titan V10, Avolites' consoles now feature the most sophisticated and realistic integrated visualization on the market.

"We find Avolite's passion for innovation and genuine care for their users inspiring, so naturally we are excited about Avolites' choice to integrate the Capture Component into their products and much look forward to seeing how Titan V10 is received! We also look forward to seeing what future innovations Avolites develop based on the new range of possibilities they have opened up with the Capture Component." says Lars Wernlund, technical director of Capture.

"We're thrilled that Titan v10 is now available for our users - we believe the new software will have a hugely positive impact on the lives of lighting designers, improving workflow and facilitating even more creativity and amazing results," says Avolites' Sales Director, Koy Neminathan. "Titan v10 will make our range of industry leading consoles even more powerful and able to adapt to the way our users like to work. We can't wait to see the new features in action on more demanding shows than ever before!"

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