About updates, upgrades and the future

After announcing the release of Capture Atlas and the product structure changes accompanying it, we have received a lot of feedback and questions related to our product pricing, upgrade policies and plans for the future. With this posting we hope to provide answers to all these questions and provide a clear view of our long term strategy.

(We have also complemented our full policies declarations which you can find under the Buy section.)

Some teminology
To avoid confusion, let's start with the terminology we use. We currently sell licenses for our current product called Capture Argo, which comes in three editions. We continuously make free updates of our current product available for download on our website. Each update is identified by a version number. We are also about to release a new product, Capture Atlas, for which we will be selling upgrades. We also sell upgrades to higher editions of our current product.

Updates and support
Capture licenses come with free software updates and support. By updates we mean bug fixes and minor enhancements of existing features in the product licensed. Support includes both technical and library support; technical assistance and the delivery of corrections and the addition of missing fixtures within one week, given that sufficient documentation is available for the fixture(s) and that the product purchased is capable of supporting its technologies.

The delivery of free software updates is limited to the lifetime of the product licensed. Support is guaranteed until 5 years after the end of the lifetime of the product licensed. License unlock requests for new computer activations will be processed indefinitely.

It is our ambition to release a new product once per year. When a new product is released, our existing customers will be offered to upgrade their licenses to the same edition of the new product. Our targetted upgrade price is 10% to 25% of the price of a new license. In the event of a product structure change (such as with Capture Atlas), upgrades will be offered to the nearest matching edition of the new product.

Upgrades to the latest product will be offered at the same price to all license owners, until 5 years after the end of the lifetime of the product licensed. This makes it possible to skip product upgrades and upgrade to the latest product at a later point, without additional cost.

Upgrades from any edition to a higher edition (of the same product) will always be available through the product's lifetime  and at the price difference of the editions in question.

Ownership transfer
Capture licenses are personal, but ownership can be transferred to a new person. Requests for ownership transfer must originate from the currently registered license owner.