Announcing the release of Capture Atlas

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In May we will be releasing a new version of Capture named Capture Atlas, full of exciting new features, along with a new and more flexible product structure!

New features
With Capture Atlas we have taken a significant step into the future by making Capture a 64-bit application on both Mac OS X and Windows. This allows Capture to use more RAM to accomodate ever growing production sizes, as well as the use of the latest computer technologies out there, such as for instance SketchUp 2016 support on Mac OS X and moving to video playback and compression based on AVFoundation on Mac OS X and Windows Media Foundation on Windows.

Capture Atlas also features a number of amazing new design and visualization features which we will be presenting within short in a series of blog posts.

New requirements
Because of the advancements in Capture Atlas, new computer requirements will come into effect:

  • For Mac OS X users, Mac OS X 10.9 or later will be required.
  • For Windows users, 64-bit Windows 7 or later will be required. (If you are running a Windows 32-bit installation your Windows license covers you for 64 bits as well, but a full reinstallation of Windows is required.)

New product structure
With Capture Atlas we are changing our product structure to a production size-based one. Many users have asked us for a larger Solo Edition with the ability to visualize 2 DMX universes, but the Solo Edition does not currently include paperwork functionality and with the recognition it has received recently we believe in making it available to everyone, as it is an important part of the design process. After carefully reviewing of our current product structure we have decided to release all features across the editions and restrict them in size instead of features.

Therefore all Capture features will be available in all editions, but restricted to the following production size limitations instead:

  Solo Edition Duet Edition Quartet Edition Symphony Edition
 DMX universes 1 2 4 Unlimited
Local video file playbacks 1 2 4 Unlimited
Media server video streams 1 2 4 Unlimited
Laser controller content streams 1 2 4 Unlimited
Water jets 10 20 40 Unlimited
Price: 395 EUR 795 EUR 1295 EUR 2195 EUR

Upgrades will be available between all editions, at the price difference between the editions in question.

Licenses will be personal and good for two computers of any operating system, just as before. However, educational institutions will be granted the right to unlimited seats per location for all editions.

Upgrades from Capture Polar and Capture Argo
Capture Polar and Capture Argo users who purchased their licenses before the 28th of March 2016 will be offered to upgrade to Capture Atlas and at the same price:

  • Solo Edition upgrades will be 99 EUR.
  • Basic Edition upgrades to Quartet Edition will be 129 EUR.
  • Extended Edition upgrades to Symphony Edition will be 149 EUR.

Capture Argo users who purchase their licenses the 28th of March 2016 or later will be offered:

  • Complimentary upgrades to Capture Atlas for Solo Edition licenses.
  • Complimentary upgrades to Capture Atlas Quartet Edition for Capture Argo Basic Edition licenses.
  • Complimentary upgrades to Capture Symphony Edition for Capture Argo Extended Edition licenses.

In addition, Capture Basic Edition licenses will be upgradable to Capture Symphony Edition for 699 EUR, regardless of date of purchase.

Users that choose not to upgrade to Capture Atlas will continue receiving the same support and library updates, just as before.