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As we have recently added Twitter to our rich communication portfolio and feel the time is right for a recap of all options available for connecting with us!

Like Capture Sweden on Facebook -

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On our website, where among other things you can find:

  • Our FAQ page, which contains the answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Our documentation page with the reference manual, our award winning interactive iPad manual as well as as links to a number of tutorial videos on YouTube.
  • Our forum, a great communication channel for anything from feature requests to discussions on how to visualize specific setups or connecting to a particular console.
  • Our showcase submission page, if you would like to share with us a show you did with Capture.

When in search for answers and before e-mailing us, we kindly ask that you first consult with the sources above, if relevant. Our three e-mail addresses are:

  • - if you run into technical problems of any sort or have usage questions not answered by the reference manual.
  • - for all and any library requests. Library requests are normally served within a few days, depending on the availability of necessary product documentation.
  • if you have questions related to licensing costs, product offers or similar.