Capture team expands

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We're happy to announce the recent growth of the Capture team!

In June we were joined by software engineer Mathias Wahlin. Mathias has a solid background in software development in general and hardware accelerated graphics in particular. He comes from the games industry where he worked on projects ranging from larger console titles at studios like Grin down to games made by smaller teams. Related to game development he also spent time developing rendering middleware and graphics tools at Autodesk. When not working on Capture he is also an indie game developer and a hobbyist musician.

Our users have actually already had a chance to benefit from Mathias' work in Capture Argo versions 21.0 and 21.1 as he has been providing us with expert assistance on a limited basis the past year.

With the addition of Mathias to the team we have dramatically increased the time available for software development and we are thrilled about the future opportunities that this may bring!

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