Capture Argo 21.0 released


We are happy to announce the release of Capture Argo version 21.0, a free update for all Capture Argo users. For this version we have focused on connectivity and visualization, further strengthening Capture's position as the most interconnectable lighting design and visualization software on the market with a continued commitment to realistic visualization.

With version B of the Capture-specific CITP extensions, CAEX, we have introduced a whole new show synchronization mechanism. With CAEX Show Sync it is possible for a lighting console to obtain detailed information about the fixtures in your Capture project, including patch, position, channel, unit information and alike. But it does not stop there - information can flow in both directions, allowing patch information to be transferred not only from Capture to the console but also from the console to Capture. In addition to this, any changes made on either end can be automatically synchronized, taking the design process to a whole new level.

CAEX Show Sync also includes bidirectional fixture selection synchronization and the ability for a console to display live information inside Capture's live views, currently including programmer touch status and whether fixtures are parked or not.

Several console manufacturers are expected to release new products supporting CAEX Show Sync within short.

With support for the latest CITP MSEX video streaming features, Capture is now ready to receive video resolutions well beyond 480p.

Rendering settings
Many users have expressed a need for better performance on slower video cards in general and laptops in specific. In response to this, a new Atmospheric Resolution setting is now available which controls the resolution of the atmospheric smoke effect. By using lower a Atmospheric Resolution setting, framerates will improve dramatically, especially on slower video cards.

We have also made improvements to the bloom effect which is now variable rather than just on and off, has a more realistic appearance and also works when rendering images and movies.

Multi-body fixtures
Fixtures get ever more complicated, now often comprising of several moving part or other out-of-the-ordinary constructions. In close cooperation with AtlaBase we have expanded Capture's fixture simulation model to cope with complex physical constructions and multiple moving parts.

Fixture simulation
With Capture Argo 21.0, continuous rotation is now also supported on all levels; both with fixture pan and tilt and as optional modes for the water jet and DMX rotation fixtures.

We have also added simulation of multiple color mixing modes for fixture that provide the DMX-controller switching between for instance individual LED colours and colour temperature, RGB or HSV abstractions.

Fixture visualization
As a natural step of improving the realism of the visualization, Capture is now capable of utilizing IES photometric data, adding maximal realism to the beam characteristics of fixtures. We have also improved the beam characteristic of fixtures where no IES data is available (based on representative fixtures).

The quality of laser projections has also been improved which now takes beam divergence, travel distance and cornering inertia into account, all key qualities in providing that distinct laser look and feel.

You can download Capture Argo 21.0 on our download page and read about all changes in the revision history.

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