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Sweden - Capture Visualisation AB are announcing the release of their new "Capture Component" product which targets lighting control and other entertainment industry related product manufacturers.

The "Capture Component" is a software component which can be embedded into other systems to enrich them with three-dimensional lighting visualization capabilities. It is delivered with Capture's rich lighting fixture library, allowing the host system to present visualization of any equipment on the market. Examples of use include three dimensional fixture layouts, interactive fixture selection, live visualization, blind previews and of course Capture file exchange.

“Many companies are interested in adding three-dimensional visualization elements to their products, but lack the know-how and libraries required to pull it off. Apart from the obvious business case, we are also confident that the Capture Component we drive us to make significant technological advancements that will benefit all our Capture customers as well.” says Lars Wernlund, technical director of Capture Visualisation AB.

About Capture Visualisation AB

Capture Visualisation AB are the creators of the popular “Capture” lighting design and visualization software. Capture is a native Windows and Mac OS X application that lets you work with lighting, video, moving scenery, lasers and water jets.


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