Capture Argo update 20.1 released


We are happy to announce the release of Capture Argo update 20.1! It contains a number of bug fixes, but also some enhancements and new features which would like to highlight.

CITP improvements
The CITP protocol is slowly going to be moving to using a new multicast address, which we have now prepared Capture for. Use of the new multicast address is optional and can be enabled in the Options window. If you wish to learn more about the reasons for the change, see the CITP protocol's forum.

CITP has also been extended with new functionality related to DMX transfer in general and feedback in particular. The new 'Capabilities' and 'Channel List' messages allow visualizers to better transfer 16-bit parameter values to lighting consoles and the new 'Set External Universe Source' message allows lighting consoles to instruct visualizers to received DMX from disparate DMX sources, such as a mix of and/or non-contiguous ranges of Art-Net and sACN universes.

Modelling improvements
We have added a new 'height rotation offset' property to the sphere hull shape, making it possible to create sphere hull parts that not only have a part of the bottom cut off, but also a part of the top.

Import of SketchUp 2015 files is now possible on Windows - we have yet to enable this on Mac OS X due to some technical limitations on our end. Import of DXF/DWG files up to version 2014 is now supported (on both Max OS X and Windows).

Many of our users reported missing the ability to center a selection of objects by setting the "selection center x" property that existed in Capture Polar. While we have the ambition to dramatically improve snapping functionality for the next version of Capture, we did manage to squeeze in snapping the selection to the center. This means that a selection of objects will now snap to the center Y/Z plane.

Paperwork improvements
Our new 'Plot Styles' concept has been well received, but many asked about the ability to also enable/disable the indication of the power location of fixtures (the power bolt symbol) as part of the plot styles, which we have now added.

We have also made it possible to create quick copies of plot insets, both within and between plots, by introducing the "arrow" navigator button to the plot editor. Simply select one or more insets, grab the arrow button and drag and drop a copy of the insets elsewhere within the plot or another plot.

Finally new insets are also added under the cursor rather than at a fixed location.


If you have any questions or require further assistance, please use our forum or e-mail us at