Capture Argo successfully released!

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The next generation of Capture is now available!
Today, the 14th of October, we have released Capture Argo to the public. Following a year-long development cycle and some weeks of closed beta testing, our most exciting Capture version ever is now available for download and purchasing. It has been an amazing year for us where more efforts than ever have been put into the development of Capture and the reception of it at the PLASA 2014 show was amazing.

Unprecedented import capabilities
Capture Argo boasts the ability to import Sketchup SKP, 3D Studio 3DS, LightWave OBJ as well as industry standard DWG model drawings flawlessly and at unprecedented speeds and levels of flexibility. Thanks to a high level of engineering Capture Argo automatically recognizes and eliminates model as well as texture duplicates, thereby significantly reducing memory consumption and maximizing visualization speed.

Unique presentation functionality
Capture Argo features a truly unique range of functionality designed to help you promote and share your designs. The still snapshots makes it possible to quickly move between key lighting looks while making design changes, even if no console is present. You can create high resolution renders at any point, watermarked with your logo and project information. Record movie snapshots including DMX, media and motion of parts of your show for offline playback. Export stand-alone 'Presentation' files that allow playback of all your snapshots while in an interactive environment - on any computer! Or if you prefer, render a high quality full-frame rate video file of your movie snapshots. No other lighting design package on the market offers such a broad spectrum of presentation related functionality.

Create beautifully readable paperwork in no-time
Choose whether you wish to create your paperwork as a first thing, at a final stage or mix design changes with paperwork adjustments as you go. Switch a view Capture Argo to 'Paper Mode' and experience how paper adjustments for plot clarity can coexist with your design as it evolves. New plot related features make it easier than ever to create astonisihingly easy to read plots.

Read the full list of new features and changes in Capture Argo: News in Argo

Download the demo version of Capture Argo: Download