Announcing the release of Capture Argo


A new version of Capture is near!
The 14th of October we will be releasing a new version of Capture called Capture Argo. It represents a significant step in our history and we'd like to take this opportunity to prepare you for what is about to come.

New version, new name
On our next release of Capture we will be jumping from version 2.11 Polar to version 20 Argo. The new version number is no coincidence - it represent the age of Capture as we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary this year!

What's in it?
Capture Argo contains many changes and additions from Capture Polar, but a few things that we expect to become particularly popular are native Sketchup (.skp file) import, the ability to record and render still and movie (dmx and media) snapshots as well as a major enhancements of the plot features.

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Feature shifts
We have also decided to shift our feature table slightly for Capture Argo, making all import formats except DXF and DWG available in all editions. In addition, the limitation of 1 laser feed and 1 video playback will be moved to the Solo Edition, giving Basic Edition users access to unlimited laser feeds and video playbacks.

Upgrade required
Since the advancements from our current version to Capture Argo are so significant we have decided to make this version a paid upgrade for our current users. Upgrades will be available in our web shop as well as through our resellers and the suggested retail prices will be as follows:

  • Solo Edition - 29 EUR or 39 USD
  • Basic Edition - 99 EUR or 129 USD
  • Extended Edition - 149 EUR or 199 USD

The upgrade is not mandatory, which means that we will neither stop supporting Capture Polar users nor refuse unlocking Capture Polar licenses. Library support for Capture Polar will remain available until the 31st of March 2015 indefinitely.

Customers that choose to purchase Capture Polar while waiting for the release of Capture Argo will receive a complimentary upgrade to Capture Argo once it has been released, an offer effective as of the 9th of September 2014. Our popular Student Edition will of course continue to be available for everyone just as before.