Capture Polar 2.3 released


We are proud to present a new release of Capture Polar, packed with plotting-related features and improvements as well as some other goodies!

One of the aspects of Capture that we have received most feedback about over the past years is the plotting package. Creating the perfect plot package is a virtually impossible task, but we believe that we have taken a major step in the right direction! The most notable difference may be that printer resolution is now taken into account, avoiding problems with hair-thin lines and tiny text. Layer line thickness can now be set individually on a per-layer basis and plot insets have been enriched with properties to control colors, borders, text and text sizes.

Measures have been modified with arrow ends instead of square block ends, for improved clarity and industry conformance. It is now also possible to manually give them a set length or angle, for situations where you are using measures to space items while designing, rather than just measuring distances.

One of the nuisances prior to version 2.3 was that each fixture's plot symbol had to be manually rotated in the right direction. Symbols are now automatically rotated in the right direction, either freely or in  configurable steps. The "Unpatched" text in the information block of the symbol has been removed, and the wattage inside the symbol has been hidden by default but is configurable.

To conclude the plotting improvements, two new plot insets have been added; the symbol and layer keys. The symbol key automatically shows all symbols used and is configurable so that any symbol can be hidden and have its description changed. The layer key is of course also configurable, but using layer sets instead.

But, there are not only improvements on the plot side. Version 2.3 now supports JPG files as a complement to BMP and PNG files. This allows for easier material creation, smaller screenshot files and lower bandwidth load when receiving video from CITP compatible media servers.

Finally, version 2.3 also features direct MA-Net 1 and 2 support and a new licensing dialog that allows unlocking directly over the internet without delay!

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