EA Sports FC Supercup at the KSUS in Riyadh

EA Sports FC Supercup at the KSUS in Riyadh

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This year LAB2580 was entrusted with The EA Sports FC Supercup prematch ceremonies and awards ceremony in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

"With a very short time to get everything done, Capture was the perfect software and natural choice for us. Taking advantage of the layers and filters features, we were able to work in a very structured mannered between the different set ups of the different shows."

"In this project, Capture was used for the pretty much everything. From the conception part, where the polygon asset allowed us to build all different shapes of stages and arches, being able to export precise measurements and sizes for the builders. And also for the pre-viz part, where it allowed us to preview the 160 Asteras on the pitch and stadium video screens."

Overall, the easiness and precision with which you can build on Capture, allowed for a great project that enchanted both the clients and the spectator.

Location: KSU Stadium, Riyadh

Event production: LAB 2580
Technical Production: LAB Live
Technical Management: S2 SOUND

Executive Producer: Julien Pateau
Project Manager: Meline Moreno
Production Manager: Angélique Mulhouse

Technical Director: Samuel Dugard
Technical manager: Sonny Hopin
Logistics Manager: Sonia Roux

Set design & creative direction: Mateus Machado

Lighting design & DOP: Jean Yves Orcel
Lighting design assistant: François Aigon

Lighting Operator: Steve Wary
Lighting manager: Lucas Zanini
Astera Design & Operator: Mateus Machado
Lighting technician: Romain Abautret  & Mickael Catta

FOH: Jean Christophe Bertalhon

Technical provider: MediaPro