Capture Polar 2.4 released

With just one week to go to PLASA we're releasing Capture 2.4, with a focus on performance and other 3D file format importing!

Our aim with Capture has always been to produce the most realistical-looking visualization, but this is quite a difficult task when all users are equipped with different hardware and performance conditions. With version 2.4, Capture now adjusts the quality of the visualization on the fly, always giving you the highest possible quality of visualization without any compromise of framerate.

Now that visualizations are near-guaranteed to appear smooth we have also improved the level of detail of the built-in objects, with proper "normal smoothing" of surfaces. This means that non-flat surfaces will appear smoother, making cylinders, trussing and any non-square object look visually more appealing. On top of this we have prepared Capture for more advanced material schemes, which our new 3DS and OBJ file importers make use of. For the first time it's now possible to import higher-quality 3D models with materials and smooth surfaces into Capture!

On top of this we have also fixed a number of bugs and made numerous smaller improvements. Read about them in the reference manual which is available as a separate download!
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