Capture Polar 2.5 released!


Following an intense period of development we're releasing Capture 2.5, with major improvements in the department of video content visualization!

Based on Apple's proven QuickTime technology you can now visualize a wide variety of video formats [1] directly in Capture, without the need of a media server. Version 2.5 allows you to create any number of "video players", each containing a playlist of video files for playback, which can be hooked into materials as well as video projectors!

Video Tab

In addition to this, we have made it possible to edit the exact placement of any material so you can easily reposition, rotate and stretch it into its correct place. Using our innovative "map to extents" approach, applying a material to a collection of set pieces as if they were just one is easier than ever! Check it out in action in this video on YouTube!


[1] QuickTime (mov), MPEG-4 (mp4, mpv), MPEG1, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AVI, DV

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