Capture Polar 2.7 released!


We are proud to announce our latest version of Capture, packed with improvements focused mainly on paperwork and documentation.

Among the most outstanding changes are the new look of trusses in Paper mode and plots that can greatly improve readability, the ability to place and finetune labels for trusses (or any object) and last but not least the ability to insert a "stand-alone" symbol into the drawing (a 2D symbol without any 3D object).

New truss rendering and stand-alone symbols

Another notable change is full support for CITP/FPTC-based patch exchange. While few controllers still support this at the moment, we're hoping that this will change soon.

There is also a long list of smaller features, such as the ability to automatically color fixtures in a plot by their filter, more information in reports, remembering fixture list column widths and plot duplication. For the full list, see the reference manual!

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