Capture Polar 2.8 released!


We're quite proud to announce the release of version 2.8 of Capture which contains a significant amount of new features and improvements.

Some of our most frequent feature requests recently have been related to materials and we're happy to introduce the ability to apply materials to imported objects. We have also finally introduced visualization of transparent objects in Live mode, making it possible to create som amazing gauze effects. Try it in combination with the new curtain object in the library!

In order to support customers that need to enter circuit information for their fixtures, particularly useful in theatrical environments but also for cabling annotation in general, there is now a new circuits property on every fixture. It is also shown in the Fixture list tab as well as in reports and paperwork.

Fixtures now also simulate multi-color LED color mixing, both individual color and HSI modes, as well as random strobe effects.

We have also provided a new "Sequential Patch" tool that simplifies certain mass-patching scenarios.

For our customers working with video we have three new great features:

  • CITP MSEX video default resolution has been increased but is now also changeable in the options of Capture. Up to a resolution of 480i is now supported!
  • Material luminance is now in nits rather than just On/Off, allowing better balanced visualization.
  • Full view antialiasing (of self-illuminated surfaces) reduces moiré effects in sparse matrixes.

Kinesys K2
Capture now talks directly to the Kinesys K2 system for motion control and programming, making it possible to visualize lighting and video as part of moving scenery. Watch out for an upcoming video tutorial of this that we will post on our Facebook page soon!

While work on Capture's library is an ongoing process which is not necessarily timed with Capture releases, we'd still like to take the opportunity to promote a few highlights of what has been going on recently:

  • A large quantity of truss brands such as ALC Truss, Milos, Global Truss, Vendetta Truss, Eurotruss, Showtec Truss and Deco Truss have been reviewed and/or added.
  • All fixtures with animation wheels have undergone a revision to ensure they function correctly.
  • The ETC Selador range of LED fixtures has been fine-tuned to take advantage of Capture's new ability to simulate multicolor LED fixtures and HSI color mixing.
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