Capture Polar 2.9 released!

We are proud to announce the release of our latest version of Capture, packed with new features for you!

LED panel visualization
You can now find all of the industry's LED panels as part of our library complete with dimensions, pixel pitch, weight and other relevant information. Together with Capture's popular material mapping concept, which which you can map video onto the LED panels as you would on any other surface, you can now accurately visualize the effect that different pixel pithces will have on your show!

Laser visualization
We have been working closely together with LaserAnimation Sollinger over the past months to provide an accurate visualization of laser shows in Capture. Our library has been filled with laser projectors and Capture's former "video" tab has been replaced with a "media" tab that now also shows laser data as received from LaserAnimation's LaserGraph DSP and LPV Player softwares.

CSV file import and export, with Lightwright support
Using CSV (Comma Separated Values, a spreadsheet-like text file with column data separated by commas, or preferrably tabs) import and export it is now possible to transfer fixture data back and forth from Capture in a simple format which can easily be manipulated in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. The export function simply exports all fixture data, whereas the import function has been designed so that supplementary information in a CSV file can be merged with existing fixtures in a Capture project.

We have also adjusted the import and export function to be compatible with John McKernon Software's popular Lightwright product.

New selection functionality
With version 2.9 we have replaced the red "/" navigator deselection button with a new button that reveals a selection manipulation menu. This is a menu that will be filled with useful selection candy over time, starting with the following ones:

  • Select by layer - Selects all other objects in the same layer as the already selected objects.
  • Select by motion controller - Selects all objects controlled by all selected motion controllers.
  • Select by drawing block - Selects all objects from the same DWG "block".

Replace imported objects with fixtures
Capture now allows replacing imported objects with fixtures and preserves imported DWG "block" name information. Combined with the new "Select by drawing block" functionality, replacing fixture blocks in an imported DWG drawing is now a breeze - simply select one fixture block, use "Select by drawing block" to select all block references of the same block and then drag and drop a fixture from the library on the selection. Voilà!

Multi-color LED control
Capture's fixture control pane was previously unable to control LED lighting fixtures with other than plain RGB configurations, but with version 2.9 any combination of LED colors can now be controlled so that they can be focused without the need for a lighting console/software.

New plot view settings
Following popular demand, plot views now have the ability to show a grid as well as choose exactly which lighting fixture annotation components to show.

Libraries from AtlaBase
We would also like to bring some attention to AtlaBase, the entertainment industry's database, which has quite recently gone public. The company is a spinoff from Capture Sweden's extensive experience in lighting, truss and media libraries. This will have no practical effect for our users but will ensure a continued smooth high quality library support.

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